Ofsted and Testimonials

We ensure that every child achieves their learning potential in line with the government’s Early Years Foundation Stage, which means that parents can be confident that our services are inspected against common standards in care and early education. We are fully OFSTED approved – read the latest report.

“Children have formed secure attachments to all staff. This is because staff are warm, caring and affectionate with them. Children explore their environment with enthusiasm, curiosity and confidence.”

“Staff provide children with opportunities to be independent and to make their own choices. They put their own coats on, wash their hands and cut up their own fruit at snack time. This helps to boost children’s self-esteem as they talk about being ‘grown up ‘ and relish the opportunity to be responsible for tasks.”

Ofsted report February 2019


“The children who attend Hickling Pre-School get a wonderful pre-school experience and are always ready to take on new challenges when starting school”

Mrs Barker, Class 1 teacher, Kinoulton Primary School

“I have put three children through Hickling Pre-School and it is the best thing I ever did!  

​The staff are wonderful and a huge help in preparing the children for their transition to school. The benefits have shone through all my children!

​Hats off to such a great Pre-School, they do a truly remarkable job!”

Rabiah Rathore

““I want to stay, I want to stay” my two year old daughter Anna cried as I carried her kicking and screaming out of Hickling Pre-School. We had just dropped off Anna’s older sister and this tantrum was becoming a frequent occurrence.

​As Anna was now approaching 2½ I decided that allowing her to start Pre-School would probably be the only way to stop the tears. 

​On her first day Anna was very excited that she was going to be staying.  She confidently walked in and began playing happily with the other children. 

​Anna has taken so well to Pre School she now attends two mornings a week. So much so that ‘Pre-School role play’ has become a favourite game in our house and the whole family can be found sitting on the carpet answering the register!!!!!”

Paige Greasily